About Us

We collect food waste and other organic material from kitchens and use composting worms to recycle this resource.

OUR AIM: To work with nature to improve the environment.

OUR MISSION: To use nature’s principle of circulation as the basis of our business. This principle underlies the prosperity of all things, therefore following it allows Able Organic to prosper as a business.

OUR SERVICE: We collect food/organic waste from Government departments, businesses, body corporates, hotels, shopping malls etc.


Our business is family owned and run. We have been servicing government departments and businesses for fifteen years in the ACT. At present, we provide a service to many Federal Government departments. The Commonwealth Treasury, The Department of Sustainability,Environment,Water,Population and Communities, The Australian Taxation Office, The Department of Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries ,The Australian National Audit Office and the Department of Immigration, as well as smaller departments and private organizations.


We supply bins and signage to place in staff kitchens, cafeteria and break out areas. The bins are usually 50-litre swing top, or larger if required. Our staff services the kitchens twice weekly to empty and clean each bin. This has proved to be the most effective way of separating the organic material from other waste streams. All food waste, paper hand towels, coffee grounds, tea bags etc are acceptable. We also provide 140 and 240 litre bins for larger volumes of food waste from hotels, restaurants and clubs etc.


Our 20 to 30 million worms turn this resource into worm castings or black gold, the best soil fertilizer /conditioner available.The worms are a special species, mainly tiger worms,that breed very fast and consume up to their body weight of food per day.Large quantities of food waste are quickly turned to fertilizer which is then used to improve the soil in our gardens.

The old way of sending food waste to landfill produces methane , a greenhouse gas which is very detrimental to the environment.Recycling with worms sequesters large amounts of carbon in the soil ,quickly reducing carbon emissions in an energy efficient way.


During a site inspection, we will be happy to discuss all aspects of costing and logistics and provide a written quote.


Able Organic Recycling is committed to best practice recycling as an important aspect in building a sustainable future. With this commitment we carry out an efficient, reliable and environmentally friendly service. We combine with nature, using compost worms, to close the organic recycling loop. This means food waste is used to feed worms who then produce fertilizer to grow the next season’s food crops.

We have security clearances to the highly protected level for some government departments.

Please contact us to discuss your recycling needs.